Sunday, November 20, 2005

I’m getting mighty sick of Butternut Squash posting their news where the comic is supposed to go. Yes, we get it. You don’t have a comic for today. Fine. But if you’re going to post as to why the comic is late, don’t take away the current comic from the main page, to be replaced with text. Even an old comic is more visually stimulating and less disappointing than textually proclaiming the lack of new update, and making sure we're crystal-clear as to why you haven't delivered. Making the newspost where the comic is supposed to go projects the creators as overly-apologetic for the lack of new comic.

Not only that! Listen to this part of the “newsnoncomic”:

“once again a new guest strip has arrived in our inbox from a lovely fan wanting to lend a hand - check out her contribution amongst others in the bns gallery!”

And! And then! Listen to their actual (2nd) newspost!

“some lovely fans have decided to pitch in due to the lack of updates - check out a guest strip and fan art in the bns gallery!”

For god’s sake, put the guest comics up on the main page, instead of that stupid “newsnoncomic”! Do you not understand what a guest comic even is? It’s a comic… by a guest. Meaning! The whole point of its existence is to be shown to your audience, as though it were a normal strip! The guest comics aren’t doing any good for you if they’re just collecting dust in your out-of-the-way “bns gallery”!

When people show up to your site, and especially to the page where a comic is usually posted, text is nothing more than a let-down disappointment. I can’t understand BNS's logic in redirecting people to their guest comics, which they even cite as a means of keeping the comic afloat.

Of course, then again... look at some of the guest comics in their “bns gallery.” Yeah, I’d be hesitant about putting some of those up, come to think of it.

Ohhh, lord, and there's a CTRL-V comic in there. Don't even get me started.


If you make a CTRL-V comic, kill yourself. I'm absolutely serious.


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