Sunday, May 07, 2006

Old news by now, certainly, but Scary Go Round has once again switched to hand-drawn art (the first switch having happened in August '05, and the eventual return to vector art taking place in November '05).

When this, the second switch, occured, I was disappointed, as the current storyline revolved around a return to the "Land of the Dead", which is the SGR version of the spirit realm, and was first introduced while Allison was using Illustrator to make comics. Because of the vector art, Allison pulled off some pretty amazing effects and visuals. Knowing that because he'd be using traditional pen and ink to illustrate the same "trippy" Land of the Dead this time around, he wouldn't be able to use the same finesse.

Of course, that's probably the exact reason he's switched to pen and ink. At first I thought it to be John Allison growing sick of vector art once more, which was the reason for the first switch (he further describes the reason for the first switch in its corresponding August '05 SGR Blog post. Considering the second switch occured after a week of guest comics, a typical sign of webcomic artist/creator burnout, it seemed as though Allison was simply sick of creating comics by computer, and wanted to return to drawing the art by hand out of sheer desperation to keep the desire for making comics going. However, in looking at the storyline, the second switch takes place when the character planning to visit the Land of the Dead "dies," and Allison is using the difference in art to illustrate the transition between realms, just like how the Green Avenger used nonpolished pencils to illustrate the separation between consciousness and dreaming. Not only that, but Allison's most likely using hand-drawn art to do new things, as to use Illustrator would be retreading the same territory; by using pen and ink, he's essentially forcing himself to innovate.


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