Monday, July 17, 2006

As the old story goes, a guy goes to a doctor. He says to the Doctor, “Doc, it hurts when I do *this*

The doctor replies, “Well, don’t do it.”

Jin Wicked, author of autobiographical comic “Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break,”, seems to have had nothing but trouble since she quit her job in December 2004 to focus on Crap as a means to support herself. Here’s a small part of a longer newspost from a few months ago in which she explains a brief hiatus:

“[…] this past year has also been extremely hard on me. I've had animals get sick and lots of vet bills, numerous recurring computer problems, lost a lot of work time due to events outside of my control, had to deal with health problems, bank problems, you name it. I've also had a lot of necessary expenses incurred as my business and websites have grown. So right now I am in a fair amount of debt, and I'm trying to realistically decide whether this comic is worth the frustration and amount of work I put into it vs. my situation. I am just slowly sinking. Adding to that fact a very vocal minority of readers who seem intent on ruining the enjoyment I get out of this, and I'm seriously having to evaluate the future of this comic. I want to keep working on it, but if the main thing I'm getting out of it is a few jerkish readers continually pissing me off, and owing my soul to credit card companies, there isn't much point.”

That was posted as part of an explanation as to why she wasn’t updating with new comics. The hiatus came to pass and she started updating once again for a brief period of time. However, several weeks ago, she removed everything… comics, website, and all. In its place was an explanation of why, including these reasons:

1. I need a break from everything involved with comics, including the website and all that comes with it.
2. I am working on private commissions, I have a sick pet, and am trying to get ahead on many upcoming bills.
3. This website has affected me to the point that my heart (palpitations) is acting up all the time. I am not well.
4. I want to quit. Shutting down the site for a month is a compromise because I know many people enjoy it.
5. If this does become permanent, the books will be available for your archive-reading needs.

You should make comics because you want to make comics. If doing something you don’t want to do is causing you pain, especially physical pain…

Well, don’t do it.


Blogger DeJinn said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Your dream life shouldn't kill you.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Max said...

Arr, tis a pity because Crap is actually pretty good, though I don't like the self-deprecating title. It's also a pity because I'm all for people taking the chance to move out of a job they just have to make ends meet and make a go of something they enjoy.

Thing is, this doesn't always work and breaks down utterly when the person then *doesn't* enjoy doing it anymore, a risk you take when you make your hobby into your employment.

I agree, the second she realised she didn't want to do it anymore (not a moments frustration, and not "this isn't working but I still love it") then it's time to pack it in. I hope she ends up okay, whatever she does, as a lot of her stuff is pretty good.

Rstevens of Diesel Sweeties, now there's a guy with the right attitude for self-employment in comics.

3:09 PM  

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