Thursday, September 13, 2007

In terms of artistic quality, the bottom of the barrel for webcomics are CG-posed comic, action figure-posed comics, and sprite comics. There are exceptions to "all three, but utilizing each successfully requires a bit of imaginative thinking that isn't common at the bottom of said barrel.

In terms of writing, politically-themed comics can be a tough sell. They're either too heavy-handed to do anything but preach to the choir, or so light-hearted they might as well not even make a political strip.

Taking Stock, by "Mapaghimagsik" is a politically-themed CG-posed strip. But it's not all that bad.

The writing is actually pretty engaging. The first strip is pretty heavy-handed in its metaphor, but the later comics redeem it. Taking Stock seeks to educate the reader on events, point out logical fallicies, and it's basically not this (thanks, Shmorky). However,in specifically describing itself as a political strip, Taking Stock would do well to avoid character driven strips that have no political nature in them. The humor, so far, has only fallen flat; you keep waiting for that politically-laced punchline that just isn't there.

The art shines the most when it's drawn by hand. The cel-shaded effect has its charms, but it's not going anywhere fast. It seems like most CG-posed comic artists do so just to avoid the labor of drawing. Drawing by hand has a tremendous learning curve, wherein comics look leagues better with each new strip. I would definitely like to see more "drawn" strips like the one linked previously.

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