Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In case you were curious, yes, the insane can draw. That's the case with Chidi Okonkwo's NSFW comic "Single Female Alien (S.F.A.)," which should instead be named "Author Disturbingly Flirting With Own Characters (A.D.F.W.O.C.)," because that's all that happens. Chidi's omnipresent narrative voice is in every comic (that isn't filler) goading the female characters into exposing themselves, which Chidi probably thinks is character development. And when they, fictional characters, don't comply? He threatens to kill them.

If you put a pencil in the hands of that crazy homeless person muttering to themselves, this is what you would get.

What's worse is Chidi's art. After reading through the whole archive (and perusing his deviantart page) I'm pretty sure this is the internal dialogue Chidi had in deciding to be an artist.

Chidi: Hey, I want to draw boobs!
Common Sense: You know, you also have to draw the rest of the body convincingly for that to work.
Chidi: Pssh, whatever, everyone will be so distracted by giant boobs they won't have time to notice I don't know how to draw!


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