Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ctrl-Alt-Del, champion of uninspired punchlines and hollow characters, has attempted to show it can handle drama. "Attempted" being the key word.

Lilah, static girlfriend-character of Ethan, silly comic relief character, has become pregnant with Ethan's baby. The news came as a shock, but through as series of strips about as exciting or interesting as a real relationship talk with a girlfriend, they've come to accept this fact.

We pretty much all knew there'd be no baby. PvP pulled the same stunt a couple of years ago, only they got through it without talking us to death. Their story gave us a twist, took on an edge, bringing us deeper into the character motivations of possible-father-to-be Brent Sienna.

Okay, back to CAD. Ethan and Lilah are having a baby, right? Then this happened.

I'll give kudos in that Buckley had the event transpire suddenly and without warning, just as something real like that would. However, this is coming from CAD. It releases strips like this. A miscarriage storyline is venturing into dangerous, unexplored territory. You can't just shove readers into it.

Lo and behold, the strip has become a punchline in of itself. Bigger Than Cheeses had a field day, Cyanide and Happiness even took a jab, and here's my personal favorite:

What I find interesting is Buckley continued the storyline for two strips, and then sort of stopped. The latest two strips since then have been unconnected, the last of which a pin-up (pin-ups being another word for "filler"). I wonder if he's rethinking his decision to have a miscarriage of a storyline in a gaming comic? That's probably reading to far into it, but really... what the hell?

Ah, heck, here are some more (pulled from BtC):

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


As time goes on I find CAD much less entertaining... somebody needs to replace the CAD 'drama tag' (thanks shortpacked)

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree with this entirely. I like the strip and find it entertaining. I went through a similar situation and I thought the comic did a great job of showing some character depth while still being respectful of sensitive subject matter.

12:11 AM  

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